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Description of the inputs

Bits per Unit
The width in digits decoded as a binary word (bit group).
If width is greater then 8, the last 8 bits are used to create the ASCII value with the other bits ignored.

Start at Bit
Offset in bit string to start decoding the data.

Char Coding
ASCII - Convert bits to ASCII code.

Number system for display of the bit group's numeric value
Decimal (base 10) or Hexadecimal (base 16)

Width in Units
Number of pixel blocks in an image row.

Pixel Block Width
The number of image pixels that make up a block in the image.

The color format used in the image.
2 color - Each bit is a block in the image. 0=white, 1=black
Scale - The decimal value of the binary unit is used for the R,G,B values. The image size will be total Bits / Bits per Unit.

Replacement Characters
Control < 32
The character to use in the decoded text display if the character is a control character, value less then 32. If empty then space is used.

High > 126
The character to use in the decoded text display if the character has a value greater then 126. If empty then the actual value is displayed.
Evaluate Button
Evaluates the data and builds the image.

Undo Button
Reloads the data configuration last set with the Set Button.

Set Button
Sets the current data configuration for Undo Button. There is one level undo.

Dump Button
Displays the current data configuration in a text box. Useful for copy/save of those values.

Reset Button
Reload the initial data set selected in the dropdown list.

Bit String to Evaluate text box
The binary data to evaluate is entered here.

Usage Notes
Determining Position in Bit Data
The mouse cursor position is displayed as the line and total character offset into the bit data. (New lines and ^ characters are not counted). Entering the '^' character into the bit data displays that character position in the 'Position of ^ in Bit Data' field. Multiple '^' characters may be used.

Save Your Work - Remember, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, sooner or later
It is a good idea to save your bit data as it changes and to keep notes of what data you changed, otherwise recreating that state in the data might be difficult.

Save by Copy and Paste
Click Dump, click on the 'Current Values' text box, enter Ctrl-A to highlight, Ctrl-C to copy and then in notepad or other text editor, type Ctrl-V to paste. Also works in the 'Bit String to Evaluate' and 'Decoded' text box.

The Image
The image created from the bit data is based on the current bit data value in the text box. Clicking the image will display only the image on a new page. Use "Save Image As" in the browser to save a copy of the image. Running only the image processing URL at a later time may not recreate the same image.

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